The Macedonian hike will take in some of the best of the mountain scenery in the Galičica, Pelister & Baba ranges. These ranges are magical landscapes of snow-capped peaks, alpine meadows, glacial lakes, medieval villages and mature forests. The wildlife is rare with wolves, bears, boar, chamoix, golden eagles and lynx all still resident in the mountains.
You will be in the hands of competent guides, walking for between 2,5 hours and 8 hours daily. We won’t walk the entire range, but we will select the best chunks and include monasteries, mountain villages and historic towns. An off-road jeep adventure will be included in the route.

Day 1: Arrival in Ohrid

Accommodation/Overnight: Hotel
Services: Dinner
You will be spending you first day in the home of narrow, cobblestoned streets and medieval- eques architecture. Nicknamed the ‘Jerusalem of the Balkans’, Ohrid is one of the oldest settlements in Europe, and was once considered to be the epicenter of religion and Slavic culture. After your arrival at the Airport in Ohrid, you will be transferred by bus your accommodation. You have a free afternoon to explore this vacationer’s paradise, with glimmering beaches, spectacular views, and a wealth of Mediterranean and Macedonian cuisine on your own watch before we head up into the mountains and start the hiking adventure.

Day 2: Off Road Safari & Pelister Eyes

Accommodation/ Overnight: Mountain hut home
Services: Half board
Transfer: Buss ride to Bitola
Hike duration: Approximately 1.5h (~2h jeep off road Safari)
Hike length: 5,5km
Altitude: 2200m
Altitude of trail: fixed (no altitude difference in trail)
In the morning after your breakfast you will be transferred up to the National Park of Pelister. Part of this transfer includes an off-road Jeep Safari Adventure of around 2h. Pelister abounds with unique natural resources and is home of rare and endemic animal and plant species. Trademark of Pelister are clear spring water and rivers where you can see Pelister and Pelagonia trout, waterfalls and glacial mountain lakes – Big and Small one. Today you will be off to a journey to explore one a trail that leads to a breathtaking view where you can see the two glacial mountain lakes -also known as Pelister’s Eyes.

Day 3: National Park Pelister

Accommodation/ Overnight: Mountain hut home
Services: Half board
Transfer: None
Hike duration: 5.5-6h
Hike length: 12 km
Altitude: 2200m
Altitude of trail:  ±250m climbing and descending
The National Park of Pelister covers an area of 17.150 hectares – at altitude of 927 to 2601 m. Today you will get a chance to explore and see all the beauties this park has to offer, while hiking up on the steeps of the Mountain Baba.

Day 4: Pelister – Nizho Pole & Trnovo

Accommodation/ Overnight: Hotel
Services: Half board
Transfer: None
Hike duration: 5.5-6h
Hike length: 11 km
Altitude: 920m
Altitude of trail:  1280 m descending trail
Early morning, after breakfast you will be heading, down a trail that leads you through the other side of the National Park. This downhill hike will give you a possibility to see wild horses, meet shepherds and get a sense of the village lifestyle and how the locals live. In Nizhe Pole wher you have a short break, and then you continue the rest of your trail and adventure all the way through Trnovo willage and your accommodation at Hotel Sator.

Day 5: Mariovo

Accommodation/ Overnight: Hotel
Services: Half board
Transfer: Buss transfer
Hike duration: 5 km + 3km
Hike length: 5km to Village Zovic + 3km to WWI remains
Altitude: 950m
Altitude of trail:  ±300m climbing and descending to Village Zovic; ±100m to WWI remains
Mariovo is one of the most legendary, mysterious and admirable places in Macedonia. Everyone knows its natural beauty, its deserted villages, its impressive canyons, small bridges, ancient relics and medieval monuments. Hiking along the trails that lead all the way through the untouched nature and remains of World War I, you will have a feeling like you have headed back in time and history.
Today you will start your journey from the village Gradesnica to where you will be transfer by buss, and head into one of the best and most mesmerizing trails leading to the famous bridge of Zovic. Here you will have a break and get transferred to see the French remains of World War I. Climbing to an altitude difference from 100m uphill a trail of around 1.5km you get to first had see the fronts and remains of where the French army shield and battled in World War I.

Day 6: Monastery of Treskavec

Accommodation/Overnight: Hotel
Services: Half board
Transfer: Buss transfer to the Monastery of Treskavec; Prilep to Ohrid
Hike duration:3.5-4h
Hike length: 8,5km
Altitude: 1300m
Altitude of trail:  -350m downhill descending trail
Today is reserved hiking the trails of the Golden Mountain and a visit of the famous Monastery- Treskavec. From here you will be transfer to the monastery. High on a mountain top in the middle of the Pelagonia plain, the Treskavec Monastery is a vertical peak of the spiritual continuity of a nation that hides many chapters of history, human presence written on every rock throughout the ages. Zlatovrv (Golden Peak) is crowned with the Monastery walls from where you can observe the immeasurable horizon of spiritual peace. Your hiking trails today will lead you to explore the Golden Mountain all the way to the the city of Prilep and the famous Elephant Stone. From Prilep you will be picked up with and transferred back to Ohrid and Hotel Unique.

Day 7: Galičica

Accommodation: Hotel
Services: Half board
Transfer: Buss transfer to village Pestani; transfer to restaurant and back in the evening
Hike length: 12km
Hike duration: 5.5h
Altitude change of trail: +400m uphill; -200m downhill descending trail
This day is reserved for one of the most favorized trails. You will start off in a small local village called Pestani. From here you will head up to Gorno Kojnsko, and finish your journey in Velestovo. Going through these small villages you will be able to get a sense of the locals’ lifestyle and Macedonian culture and tradition, see the wine yards and breathtaking views of the Ohrid Lake.
To sum up your experiences you will be having a closing dinner in a restaurant by the lake.

Day 8: Departure

Departure back to the Netherlands.